TP-502 Genesis

TP-502 Genesis is a new generation semi-auto strapping machine. It uses direct drive technology with German-made DC motors which ensures high reliability and durability of the machine. Its compact design greatly minimizes the numbers of moving parts, requires fewer adjustments, less maintenance, and has fewer wear components.
These strapping machines are the most economical solution for manual operations. For low to medium volume strapping applications, our semi-auto strapping machine is definitely your best choice.


  • Compact mechanical strapping head
  • Electronic tension control
  • Jog switch
  • Adjustable weld-cooling time
  • Adjustable table height between 780 mm and 950 mm



  • Safety switch under the table top


Green Tech


Technical Data

Strap Width 5 mm-12 mm or 12 mm-15.5 mm
Tension Range 8 kg - 45 kg
Net Weight 70 kg
Electrical Requirement110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH